SensiML Industrial Robotics Monitoring with the onsemi RSL10

SensiML Analytics Toolkit allows developers to rapidly build compact, autonomous sensing algorithms for a broad array of sensor types and applications. onsemi's RSL10-SENSE-GEVK evaluation kit provides developers with a rapid prototyping solution for building ultra-low-power IoT sensing applications using the RSL10 wireless, multi-protocol system-on-chip.

SensiML and onsemi have partnered to enable a solution ideal for edge sensing applications such as industrial process control and monitoring. This demo shows one such use case for transforming motion-sensing data at the edge to give real-time feedback into the movement of a robotic arm. Edge classified movement events might indicate collisions with other equipment, the workpiece or manufactured work-in-progress goods, or human workers in the proximity of the robot. By utilizing a sensor node that operates independently from the robot arm's control logic, we need not modify and re-verify the existing programming.